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Three years ago  I decided to try to do something I’ve always wanted to do, sell cars


I found out I could become a car broker.


A broker is a licensed auto dealer but usually without a lot.


As a broker, I can source any brand or type of vehicle at dealer only auctions across the country.


I do that by using the world wide web! 


Which allows me to source and qualify cars and trucks by geography, which helps with best pricing.


But then I thought about how I could set myself apart.


So I identified three areas where people can use help when looking for their next ride:


— Can I relieve the tension and mysery of car shopping


— Can I guarantee a car has not been in accident?


— And I can save them money and still make a living?


The answer is yes, yes and yes.


So connect me to folks you know that are ready for their next vehicle purchase.


I’ll take them behind the dealer only wall, they’ll see how I background check vehicles and show them how ultimately, they’ll save approximately $1500 over a traditional dealer.


The’ll also gain something even more valuable: Precious time.


And lose something we all want to lose:  Stress!


I’m Tony De Feria, owner of Executive Auto Brokerage. 

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