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Why it makes sense to use Executive Auto Brokerage

Engaging EAB for your next vehicle purchase is a smart financial move.


Purchasing a vehicle these days is a significant investment so it makes sense to have expert help navigating the marketplace.


Tony De Feria is a licensed auto broker with one big difference: He doesn't have a lot with dozens of cars or rely on volume sales.  Instead, Tony functions much like an automotive concierge, researching the market and selecting the vehicles for you to consider. Each vehicle is hand picked for the customer.

Tony specializes in identifying the highest quality, low mileage, off lease cars usually still under transferable factory warranty.


EAB is able to save money on every purchase. You can count on at least $1,500 savings over a deal that you negotiate on your own.


Tony also leverages his contacts. When you engage EAB, you will gain access to dealer-only auction inventories, nationwide and new cars at local dealerships. As a broker, he negotiates directly with the sales manager.

How it works


Tony recommends you look up the vehicles you are interested in so you see what the market price is. Then, schedule an appointment so you can interview Tony in person. Since he will do the driving for you, it's important you are comfortable with his approach and experience.

Tony will do a live search at the first, no obligation meeting. And then begin to focus the search so that the customer ends up with the best quality vehicles. The price is set*, and then it's up to Tony to be successful at at auction.

Once the car is purchased, it will be detailed, disinfected and prepared for delivery. The process usually takes 2 weeks. 

You save time and money, and the entire transaction is transparent.

*Taxes, Titling and Licensing additional and dependent on State of Georgia guidelines. 

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